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A Perfect Get Away Weekend At The Magical Concert
Today’s life is filled with stress related to Jobs, finances and family meaning we deserve a quick gat away weekend to relax. However, lack of time to plan should not be a fret because sometimes the best quick getaway weekends at the concert don't need too much time to plan. Personal organisation and coordination is the key to a memorable weekend concert. Ensure you have a temporary or permanent passport if the venue of the concert is far and only reachable quickly by flight. Carry a small … [Read More...]
Rhode Island
People earn to live their life; People have to relax their self from the external stresses. They don’t even find time to spend with their family to make their mind free. So, they need to plan a vacation with family so they can relax themselves and enjoy with their family. The place they visit must make them forget their worries and enjoy. One such place is Rhode Island. It is an attractive place to visit for family in. To visit these tourist places, there is a need of ESTA US Visa. An ESTA … [Read More...]
Weekend plans with your children
Weekends are the times you get to spend with your children. There are places you want to take them to, but you’re confused whether they would cater to your toddler and your rebellious teenager at the same time. You may even be tired of taking them to a park or the mall every time! So what’s the solution? Well, a number of options are given below which can help you with your problem. These destinations are not only amazing but also great places to enjoy together as a family. It is not … [Read More...]
Camera Obscura
NEVER LIES: A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CAMERA So deep is the history of the camera that it predates photography itself. Photographic cameras were an evolution of the camera obscura, a device dating back to the Ancient Chinese and Ancient Greeks, using a pinhole to project an image of the exterior scene upside-down on the viewing surface. Latin for “dark, vaulted chamber room”, a camera obscura is an optical device that projects an image of its surroundings onto a screen. It is used in drawing and in entertainment to this day and … [Read More...]
Apollo Victoria Where to sit and how much it costs at Apollo Victoria
Welcome to the Apollo Victoria guide to seating. This guide aims to help you understand the prices of the various seats around the theatre. Please note that these prices apply to shows during week days. For Saturday performances they are very similar, but there are very slight changes to certain aspects of the layout. Also, for the Saturday evening performance, please note that the second highest priced band of seats becomes £65.00 instead of £62.50. We hope that this guide gives you … [Read More...]
Les Miserables 5 ways to pay for a date in theatre
Taking your loved ones to the theatre is a novelty which should be experienced. Most couples prefer attending live plays rather than watching movies at home. Many visit these places to feel the magic of the drama and to treasure the moments with their loved ones. As theatre is an expensive commodity, a question always arises on how to pay for the tickets? Going to playhouse and watching shows can be a fresh experience. But theatre tickets are very expensive because of its popularity and … [Read More...]
Television Hits the Stage
Movies have a long history on the small screen, making their way into our homes and living rooms since the medium and the technology began. But one medium that has largely avoided TV audiences until now is the west end; musicals, stage production and the theatre as a whole has been largely ignored by television audiences. It is a strange phenomenon but it looks like the recent saving grace of the theatrical industry could have been reality TV which has brought a much wider audience to … [Read More...] driving miss daisy
Hollywood Stars in the West End
When It Comes to Stars of the Silver Screen, the West End has it Covered It’s well known that the West End attracts some of the biggest names from around the world, whether it is in the form of performers and director or writers and choreographers, but in some cases this also means that shows feature the biggest names from the big screen. So a trip to the West End can sometimes feel like a trip to Hollywood considering some of the movie stars that are treading the boards and more and more … [Read More...]
Kara Tointon and Reece Shearsmith in the West End
The Performers Set to Team Up for Absent Friends at the Harold Pinter Theatre It has been revealed that the Harold Pinter Theatre in London’s West End will soon become the home of Absent Friends by Alan Ayckbourn, giving audiences with a chance to witness the work of one of Britain’s best known playwrights. It will also be an opportunity to witness well known actors like Kara Tointon and Reece Shearsmith onstage, who perform alongside David Armand, Elizabeth Berrington, Katherine … [Read More...]
Billy Elliot the Musical
Billy Elliot is a spectacular musical set in the coal mining district in County Durham in northern England. The story takes place during the 1980?s strikes of the working class miners against British Government mine closings. Based on the book and film of the same name and written by the same author, this musical has swept the world and walked away with an astounding number of awards and millions of fans. … [Read More...]